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I had a little chuckle today while reading an article on Charlie Sheen’s strange quotes (found at:

He is a total loose cannon, that one. I mean, really.  One of my faves: “I’m tired of pretending I’m not special. I’m tired of pretending I’m not a total bitchin’ rock star from Mars. People can’t figure me out. They can’t process me. I don’t expect them to. You can’t process me with a normal brain.”


Thought I’d pass that on to make you smile. Whenever you’re having a bad day, just think of Charlie Sheen.  At least you’re not digging your hole publicly… although… I must admit it is superbly entertaining.

What is it about human nature that we find other people’s public humiliation or failure so appealing?  Is it purely for the amusement?  Or do we thrive on the fact that someone is worse off than we are?

I read somewhere that success is often enjoyed most when it is combined with a friend’s failure. WTF?  It’s quite shocking.

(But if you really think about it, it’s true. Everybody wants to be one-up on somebody else – which leads to most things in life being a competition. )

We are quite a deprived species.

Our need to succeed will probably lead to our ultimate failure.  Look at technology, for example. Artificial Intelligence is advancing at an alarming rate and all the while the human race is becoming more lazy, allowing machines and computers to do our work.  Socially, we are getting lazy as well.

Face-to-face communication is an option nowadays, with the likes of Facebook, Twitter and cellphones. Making new friends is taken up by playing online video games, or AI robots, which are popular in the East.

International film giants have taken this topic to a further level.  Movies such as the Matrix trilogy and I, Robot have looked into the future and shown us a dystopian world where technology takes over.

It’s quite scary.

This is what Charlie had to say on the subject: “No. Not going to. Period. The end. I blinked and I cured my brain. Can’t is the cancer of happen.” (just kidding – he was talking about rehab)

But, ya, so it’s the end of the week and I’m listening to an amazing song to start it off – Everybody’s better by The Mighty Mighty Bosstones.  Give it a listen.


P.S my Goodluck article with Juliet Harding can be found on the Entertainment Africa site here:


So half the week has gone and I’m praying for the other half to magically disappear so that its weekend – but hey here’s to wishful thinking.

The Rolling Stones said, (or sang, rather) “you can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes you’ll find you get what you need”.

Wise words.

However – sometimes in life those words are not applicable.

For instance: I’m trying to get a neat bite out of this huge chicken roll, but eh, its not happening for me. I didn’t get what I want from that little non-chow experience. Did I get what I need? Naught. And I highly doubt that a hungry, now grumpy intern is going to fare well on the workfront. Especially on a Wednesday.

Ok, enough rubbish. Yesterday I went to Primi at the V & A waterfront to interview Juliet Harding from the new South African ‘electro swing’ band, ‘goodluck’.

It went really well. She is such a chilled, down to earth, modest person. Its really kewl to meet people like that. I have a feeling that this band is gonna be huge. Their song ‘taking it easy’ is charting on 5fm at the moment and the next song they’re going to release is called ‘hop on hop off’ and is just downright pimpin’! They mix old and new to create amazing beats – do yourselves a favour and check them out. They have also just signed to Just Music, a SA record label. So things are picking up for them.

After the interview we just chatted about life, surfing and drama. It was 38 degrees in the mothercity and I was over the moon to be out of the office. But pretty soon I was back in the car, back in traffic and back to work. Must say, it was a kewl change of pace. The goodluck article will be up this week. Will send you the link when it is.

I also had a meeting with my two bosses yesterday and I found out that I can film and edit interviews and gigs if I want to – which is pretty awesome coz I love that stuff. So watch this space 🙂

Ooh I found out something interesting today: the first SA space tickets have become available. It costs over R600 000 for one but you get to sit next to the pilot and see everything front-on. Pretty insane right? Branson offers his tix for a whopping R2 million a pop…

Hmm lunch break is almost over. In case you were wondering I did manage to het a bite out my roll, I even finished – and that’s pure determination – suck on that Keith Richards! Haha!


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Week three has begun… Monday is (thankfully) almost over and I’m already praying for weekend to get here quickly.

At least I have some distractions to keep me going. (GoodLuck interview tomorrow for one)

Last time I mentioned repurposing I was “selling my soul” – not now. Now, it’s officially gone. Sold. Disappeared. It got caught up in the maelstrom that is ‘Bang! Freakin’ Showbiz!’ and was pawned, nay.. chucked out into the dystopian online journalism world.

This is me... in about a week's time (from repurposing)

Repurposing has taken over my life and I deem it inappropriate that people should be more interested in shite shcleb gossip stories than in actual original, entertaining writing – or even hard news for Petes’ sake! (Its destructive – Jude, take note of that…)

Who really reads stories about Justin Bieber selling his hair, or how Kate Hudson bought a house? Totally irrelevant to what is actually going on in the world.

Which happens to be flat hunting (for me, anyway).

I don’t know how much longer I can stand waking up at 5:30 in the morning, and driving through 45mins of traffic to arrive at work by 7am. Am getting into a bit of a routine now, but wow, I DEFINATELY miss the life of a student, rolling out of bed, putting on a hoodie and crawling the 10 steps to class (I stayed in res)… those were the days.

But oh well.. anyways, almost hometime =)

P.S. check out the MK Awards article on Entertainment Africa at:


Woke up this morning with a little hangover, nothing some frito’s and coke can’t cure. My boet and his mate look a little worse for wear though… Apparently they partied with my boss :/

This was at Assembly – the official afterparty of the 2011 MK awards.

The actual awards were amazing, with the theme ‘black carpet rock ‘n roll’. All the shclebs were running around, doing their thing and so were Twakkie and Corne (the hosts). They were causing kak as usual. They were both dressed in all black (leather) and Twakkie even had a whip! Every time they came out to present, they were wearing one less item of clothing… In the end Twakkie was left in his leather underpants.

The live performances were fantastic. Taxi Violence, Prime Circle, Jack Parow, Foto na Dans, Zebra and Giraffe, Van Coke Kartel and some other band I have no intention of remembering.

Taxi Violence was a great choice to start off the event – really explosive performance. Zebra and Giraffe were ‘eh’. The only kewl thing about their skit was that the lead singer descended from the ceiling in a harness for the intro, JUST for the intro, then he just chilled on stage – wtf?? If you’re gonna go through so much effort to get yourself in a harness, why not spend the length of your performance swinging around, playing guitar AND singing?? Guess they didn’t think it through. But then again most of the nominees and shclebs were inebriated anyway, maybe he had demons about flying 15m in the air above a bunch of tweens.

The other act who really blew me away were Van Coke Kartel. They ended off the show. It was pretty amazing to see them rock out. Their lead guitarist is flippin’ amazing – never seen anything like that. That guitar god was playing the most filthy riffs and the crowd was loving it! At one point he stood with his back to the audience, put his guitar behind his head and played. It was jaw-dropping.

After that shit just got out of hand. The band were running around on stage – Francois was like a loose canon. Between him swinging his guitar over his head, the pyrotechnics and the other bandmates running across the stage I thought that it might all end in catastrophe, which would firstly, be a shame and secondly, possibly be THE most entertaining thing I’ve seen. (Un)fortunately none of that happened, although two guys nearly had a run-in.

No wonder they won Best Live Act.

After the show, I got to go backstage and interview the shclebs. Everyone was just getting pumped in their little VIP place. I got to interview Prime Circle, Farryl Purkiss, Crash Car Burn and Francois Van Coke (I also met the guitarist who was so insane – Jed).

And then it was on to the afterparty, where the beers were free in the VIP section (and yes, I was VIP 🙂

Met up with my boet and his mates, got a little tozzled and drove home.

All in all, a good night.

Its nap time now haha

P.S. The article should be up early this week. Will keep you posted!

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Jeepers, I can’t believe it’s the weekend already!  Two weeks out of my six-month internship have already gone by.

Highlights so far:

  • provided breakfast at work
  • catered lunch on Tuesdays and Thursdays
  • no lectures
  • I get to leave work at 4pm (although I start at 7am – I kind of trick myself that I get to leave early)
  • aKING album launch concert on Tuesday – As promised, here is the link to the aKING album launch article.  Super stuff.
  • MK awards tomorrow

Next week I’m doing an interview with Juliet, the singer from ‘Goodluck’ at the Waterfront.  I hadn’t heard about them before I started this internship (I suppose most of you haven’t heard them too) but apparently they’re going to be big.

It’s the band that has been created by the brother of one of the Goldfish dudes.  So the music is quite similar (I’m listening to a live gig of them rocking out right now) but I’m going to find out who they are, where they’re from and what they’re up to.  Let me know if you have any specific q’s for them.

I’m really craving a beer right now… wow… or a cocktail… a nice cold fruity one – there are some fab cocktails at Bascule, down at the Waterfront. A mohito, or daiquiri – or maybe make that a long island (after all, its weekend and I’m an intern)!



Ok, I’ll leave you to read, while you leave me to daydream.

P.S get your tickets for MK awards – R100 seated, R50 standing and its R30 entrance to the Assembly official afterparty, unless you have a VIP ticket..

I shmaak SA Blogs, sorted with



Ok, so the last time I left off I was headed into the aKING album launch at The Fugard Theatre in District Six.

Well, they blew me away – them, their fro’s and their inappropriate facial hair.

It was amazing.

In fact, they made the seats vibrate… literally. (The article will be up on later, will get a link for you then.

For now, be content with this: – aKING was mugged after their awesome gig. Pretty heavy. There’s a pic on FB here:

Their frontman, Laudo is incredible – such electric stage presence. He kind of looks like a mermaid sometimes, the way he stands in front of the microphone with his feet together, one slightly in front of the other (Presumably he does this so that face and mic don’t meet under unpleasant circumstances). There is even water involved. And when I say water I mean the sweat flying around as Laudo does his hair flicks. The front row paid extra for that.

Anyway, so I’ve established they were really good, seat-vibratingly good and while I was in there doing my journo thing, I found out what was behind the craziness of ‘every guy in CT wears blerry skinny jeans’.

Drum roll please…

THE BAND WEARS THEM! Seriously. Now that I think about it, it should’ve been the first thing to pop into my head, but alas… Actually… now that I am thinking about it, it’s probably why the band was sweating (not so much sweating really, as dripping) – they were being confined by their skinnies. Those things should be banned.

Otherwise, here I am sitting at work – I probably shouldn’t be posting on me blog here, but eh… they’re getting free advertising =)

I am, however, very excited for the MK awards on Saturday. It should be superbly interesting. I have a VIP Complimentary ticket… Ooooh beat that. Will be sitting close to the stage and have an access pass for the after party at Assembly. Pimpin’ – gotta get my connections on.

Haha, who would’ve thought!?

So if you would love to live vicariously through my blog, subscribe and stay in the loop – this intern has much to do and much to learn!

For your amusement, carry on reading:

P.S. I find it quite fascinating that WordPress will recommend links for you – mine, (as you can see above) are VIP, CT, facial hair, and sweating… I’d hate to know what that could produce in an actual sentence.

They also give you recommendations on related articles… for instance the first two which came up… WTF??




So, here I am after almost a week and a half of my first actual job. I haven’t posted in ages so I thought I’d do a little catch up sesh first.

Basically I’ve been selling my soul doing re-purposing for a publication I’m starting to question. On the plus side there have been ahsumly ahsum opportunities to get out and do some journalism Rock ‘n Roll style.

For example, this Saturday I’m heading to the MK Awards. This sounds pretty amazing but really it will only be watching drunk musicians become more heathened. It would be great if there could be a journo on hand to capture all those soon-to-be lost memories.



That’s me! Haha yep, so stay tuned for more on that.

Another example of my perks, is coming to these tedious album launches. I mean, I get in for free (I’m on the guest list) I get given free shit, and I get to listen to great (I can see I will one day eat that word) bands rock out and do what they do best. Pity there’s no open bar – I would own that! I’d probably come out with the most articulately written rubbish – but it would be great nonetheless.

As for tonight’s album launch. I am about to watch aKING perform and dazzle the press with their witty lyrics and facial hair.

This should be fun.

But meanwhile, I’m sitting in the Fugard theatre, surrounded by pretentious people all dressed up. I’m wearing shorts and plakkies…

There seems to be an atrocious number of white males wearing skinny jeans – WTF? As my mate Lisiwe pointed out to me via FB ‘skinny jeans had their 15 seconds last year’.

True that!

Its embarrassing how many guys are wandering around shamelessly. Their legs are thinner than their girlfriends. Shocking. There’s not meat on them. And since that ‘meat’ topic is quite sensitive usually – WHY ARE YOU WEARING AN ITEM OF CLOTHING THAT IS KNOWN TO HIDE EXTRA BITS?? Where did your junk go? Seriously, you’re putting ur potential future children at risk trying to look more of a doos.

It gets me every time..

So on to the show.

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Rock 'n Roll journalist

Rock ‘n Roll journalist

So.. 2010 has rushed past in a blur of lectures, exams, vacations and binge drinking.

Oh the life of a student!

The new year brought with it the thought of promising adventures, meeting new people and earning some cash to fund my weekend (and weekday) habit.

What the new year actually brought was looming unemployment on top of a fruitless job search. On the bright side I could resume my loitering activities in the hope that something would eventually crop up.

It did. Eventually.

Yes, I am now employed, well… as an intern (if that counts) at Entertainment Africa.
Since I already have a degree in Journalism – why not??

Things I have so far decided about my new job:

  • there are no lectures – this is an improvement (no offense Jude)
  • 45 hour days – nooit bru, this could be a problem!
  • my employers will love me – I make an ahsum cup of coffee
  • I’ll kickass and become a famous journalist, because…
  • I’ll be kicking back at concerts, interviewing artists and celebs, going to festivals and living large as a Rock ‘n Roll journalist, well, intern.

    I’m ready to leave the unemployed life of loitering, move from the couch and replace the remote with pen and paper.

    Life as an intern starts NOW (technically it starts on Friday, but I’ll keep you updated)