LIFE: as an intern
The chronicles of a six-month-long internship to become the ultimate Rock 'n Roll journalist…

Rock ‘n Roll Journo

Rock 'n Roll journalist

Rock ‘n Roll journalist

So.. 2010 has rushed past in a blur of lectures, exams, vacations and binge drinking.

Oh the life of a student!

The new year brought with it the thought of promising adventures, meeting new people and earning some cash to fund my weekend (and weekday) habit.

What the new year actually brought was looming unemployment on top of a fruitless job search. On the bright side I could resume my loitering activities in the hope that something would eventually crop up.

It did. Eventually.

Yes, I am now employed, well… as an intern (if that counts) at Entertainment Africa.
Since I already have a degree in Journalism – why not??

Things I have so far decided about my new job:

  • there are no lectures – this is an improvement (no offense Jude)
  • 45 hour days – nooit bru, this could be a problem!
  • my employers will love me – I make an ahsum cup of coffee
  • I’ll kickass and become a famous journalist, because…
  • I’ll be kicking back at concerts, interviewing artists and celebs, going to festivals and living large as a Rock ‘n Roll journalist, well, intern.

    I’m ready to leave the unemployed life of loitering, move from the couch and replace the remote with pen and paper.

    Life as an intern starts NOW (technically it starts on Friday, but I’ll keep you updated)


    One Response to “Rock ‘n Roll Journo”

    1. No offence taken Cpt Jenzo. Best of luck in your foray into the world of entertainment journalism.

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