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VIP at the MK awards

Woke up this morning with a little hangover, nothing some frito’s and coke can’t cure. My boet and his mate look a little worse for wear though… Apparently they partied with my boss :/

This was at Assembly – the official afterparty of the 2011 MK awards.

The actual awards were amazing, with the theme ‘black carpet rock ‘n roll’. All the shclebs were running around, doing their thing and so were Twakkie and Corne (the hosts). They were causing kak as usual. They were both dressed in all black (leather) and Twakkie even had a whip! Every time they came out to present, they were wearing one less item of clothing… In the end Twakkie was left in his leather underpants.

The live performances were fantastic. Taxi Violence, Prime Circle, Jack Parow, Foto na Dans, Zebra and Giraffe, Van Coke Kartel and some other band I have no intention of remembering.

Taxi Violence was a great choice to start off the event – really explosive performance. Zebra and Giraffe were ‘eh’. The only kewl thing about their skit was that the lead singer descended from the ceiling in a harness for the intro, JUST for the intro, then he just chilled on stage – wtf?? If you’re gonna go through so much effort to get yourself in a harness, why not spend the length of your performance swinging around, playing guitar AND singing?? Guess they didn’t think it through. But then again most of the nominees and shclebs were inebriated anyway, maybe he had demons about flying 15m in the air above a bunch of tweens.

The other act who really blew me away were Van Coke Kartel. They ended off the show. It was pretty amazing to see them rock out. Their lead guitarist is flippin’ amazing – never seen anything like that. That guitar god was playing the most filthy riffs and the crowd was loving it! At one point he stood with his back to the audience, put his guitar behind his head and played. It was jaw-dropping.

After that shit just got out of hand. The band were running around on stage – Francois was like a loose canon. Between him swinging his guitar over his head, the pyrotechnics and the other bandmates running across the stage I thought that it might all end in catastrophe, which would firstly, be a shame and secondly, possibly be THE most entertaining thing I’ve seen. (Un)fortunately none of that happened, although two guys nearly had a run-in.

No wonder they won Best Live Act.

After the show, I got to go backstage and interview the shclebs. Everyone was just getting pumped in their little VIP place. I got to interview Prime Circle, Farryl Purkiss, Crash Car Burn and Francois Van Coke (I also met the guitarist who was so insane – Jed).

And then it was on to the afterparty, where the beers were free in the VIP section (and yes, I was VIP 🙂

Met up with my boet and his mates, got a little tozzled and drove home.

All in all, a good night.

Its nap time now haha

P.S. The article should be up early this week. Will keep you posted!

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