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The Rolling Stones, space ships and a little bit of GoodLuck

So half the week has gone and I’m praying for the other half to magically disappear so that its weekend – but hey here’s to wishful thinking.

The Rolling Stones said, (or sang, rather) “you can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes you’ll find you get what you need”.

Wise words.

However – sometimes in life those words are not applicable.

For instance: I’m trying to get a neat bite out of this huge chicken roll, but eh, its not happening for me. I didn’t get what I want from that little non-chow experience. Did I get what I need? Naught. And I highly doubt that a hungry, now grumpy intern is going to fare well on the workfront. Especially on a Wednesday.

Ok, enough rubbish. Yesterday I went to Primi at the V & A waterfront to interview Juliet Harding from the new South African ‘electro swing’ band, ‘goodluck’.

It went really well. She is such a chilled, down to earth, modest person. Its really kewl to meet people like that. I have a feeling that this band is gonna be huge. Their song ‘taking it easy’ is charting on 5fm at the moment and the next song they’re going to release is called ‘hop on hop off’ and is just downright pimpin’! They mix old and new to create amazing beats – do yourselves a favour and check them out. They have also just signed to Just Music, a SA record label. So things are picking up for them.

After the interview we just chatted about life, surfing and drama. It was 38 degrees in the mothercity and I was over the moon to be out of the office. But pretty soon I was back in the car, back in traffic and back to work. Must say, it was a kewl change of pace. The goodluck article will be up this week. Will send you the link when it is.

I also had a meeting with my two bosses yesterday and I found out that I can film and edit interviews and gigs if I want to – which is pretty awesome coz I love that stuff. So watch this space πŸ™‚

Ooh I found out something interesting today: the first SA space tickets have become available. It costs over R600 000 for one but you get to sit next to the pilot and see everything front-on. Pretty insane right? Branson offers his tix for a whopping R2 million a pop…

Hmm lunch break is almost over. In case you were wondering I did manage to het a bite out my roll, I even finished – and that’s pure determination – suck on that Keith Richards! Haha!


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One Response to “The Rolling Stones, space ships and a little bit of GoodLuck”

  1. Great news about the filming and editing your gigs. πŸ™‚

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