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The chronicles of a six-month-long internship to become the ultimate Rock 'n Roll journalist…

The Repurposing Rant… Sheeesh

Week three has begun… Monday is (thankfully) almost over and I’m already praying for weekend to get here quickly.

At least I have some distractions to keep me going. (GoodLuck interview tomorrow for one)

Last time I mentioned repurposing I was “selling my soul” – not now. Now, it’s officially gone. Sold. Disappeared. It got caught up in the maelstrom that is ‘Bang! Freakin’ Showbiz!’ and was pawned, nay.. chucked out into the dystopian online journalism world.

This is me... in about a week's time (from repurposing)

Repurposing has taken over my life and I deem it inappropriate that people should be more interested in shite shcleb gossip stories than in actual original, entertaining writing – or even hard news for Petes’ sake! (Its destructive – Jude, take note of that…)

Who really reads stories about Justin Bieber selling his hair, or how Kate Hudson bought a house? Totally irrelevant to what is actually going on in the world.

Which happens to be flat hunting (for me, anyway).

I don’t know how much longer I can stand waking up at 5:30 in the morning, and driving through 45mins of traffic to arrive at work by 7am. Am getting into a bit of a routine now, but wow, I DEFINATELY miss the life of a student, rolling out of bed, putting on a hoodie and crawling the 10 steps to class (I stayed in res)… those were the days.

But oh well.. anyways, almost hometime =)

P.S. check out the MK Awards article on Entertainment Africa at:


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