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The Skinny Jeans Debate

So, here I am after almost a week and a half of my first actual job. I haven’t posted in ages so I thought I’d do a little catch up sesh first.

Basically I’ve been selling my soul doing re-purposing for a publication I’m starting to question. On the plus side there have been ahsumly ahsum opportunities to get out and do some journalism Rock ‘n Roll style.

For example, this Saturday I’m heading to the MK Awards. This sounds pretty amazing but really it will only be watching drunk musicians become more heathened. It would be great if there could be a journo on hand to capture all those soon-to-be lost memories.



That’s me! Haha yep, so stay tuned for more on that.

Another example of my perks, is coming to these tedious album launches. I mean, I get in for free (I’m on the guest list) I get given free shit, and I get to listen to great (I can see I will one day eat that word) bands rock out and do what they do best. Pity there’s no open bar – I would own that! I’d probably come out with the most articulately written rubbish – but it would be great nonetheless.

As for tonight’s album launch. I am about to watch aKING perform and dazzle the press with their witty lyrics and facial hair.

This should be fun.

But meanwhile, I’m sitting in the Fugard theatre, surrounded by pretentious people all dressed up. I’m wearing shorts and plakkies…

There seems to be an atrocious number of white males wearing skinny jeans – WTF? As my mate Lisiwe pointed out to me via FB ‘skinny jeans had their 15 seconds last year’.

True that!

Its embarrassing how many guys are wandering around shamelessly. Their legs are thinner than their girlfriends. Shocking. There’s not meat on them. And since that ‘meat’ topic is quite sensitive usually – WHY ARE YOU WEARING AN ITEM OF CLOTHING THAT IS KNOWN TO HIDE EXTRA BITS?? Where did your junk go? Seriously, you’re putting ur potential future children at risk trying to look more of a doos.

It gets me every time..

So on to the show.

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