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The answer to why ‘every guy in CT wears blerry skinny jeans’

Ok, so the last time I left off I was headed into the aKING album launch at The Fugard Theatre in District Six.

Well, they blew me away – them, their fro’s and their inappropriate facial hair.

It was amazing.

In fact, they made the seats vibrate… literally. (The article will be up on later, will get a link for you then.

For now, be content with this: – aKING was mugged after their awesome gig. Pretty heavy. There’s a pic on FB here:

Their frontman, Laudo is incredible – such electric stage presence. He kind of looks like a mermaid sometimes, the way he stands in front of the microphone with his feet together, one slightly in front of the other (Presumably he does this so that face and mic don’t meet under unpleasant circumstances). There is even water involved. And when I say water I mean the sweat flying around as Laudo does his hair flicks. The front row paid extra for that.

Anyway, so I’ve established they were really good, seat-vibratingly good and while I was in there doing my journo thing, I found out what was behind the craziness of ‘every guy in CT wears blerry skinny jeans’.

Drum roll please…

THE BAND WEARS THEM! Seriously. Now that I think about it, it should’ve been the first thing to pop into my head, but alas… Actually… now that I am thinking about it, it’s probably why the band was sweating (not so much sweating really, as dripping) – they were being confined by their skinnies. Those things should be banned.

Otherwise, here I am sitting at work – I probably shouldn’t be posting on me blog here, but eh… they’re getting free advertising =)

I am, however, very excited for the MK awards on Saturday. It should be superbly interesting. I have a VIP Complimentary ticket… Ooooh beat that. Will be sitting close to the stage and have an access pass for the after party at Assembly. Pimpin’ – gotta get my connections on.

Haha, who would’ve thought!?

So if you would love to live vicariously through my blog, subscribe and stay in the loop – this intern has much to do and much to learn!

For your amusement, carry on reading:

P.S. I find it quite fascinating that WordPress will recommend links for you – mine, (as you can see above) are VIP, CT, facial hair, and sweating… I’d hate to know what that could produce in an actual sentence.

They also give you recommendations on related articles… for instance the first two which came up… WTF??




3 Responses to “The answer to why ‘every guy in CT wears blerry skinny jeans’”

  1. I see my one link is not working =( nothing I do will change it. Just visit and find the aKING article. It’s quite hard to navigate the EA site, sorry for the inconvenience

  2. So entertaining 🙂 skinny jeans are NOT cool :/ so envious u got to see them. Who do you most want to meet at the mk awards ?

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